There are three mountains in the Mashiko area within a 1,000 meters area. This hiking course is a great way to feel the nature of Japan. Come and experience the refreshing nature of Japan.

Mt. Amamakisan(533m)

The highest peak in the Mashiko area. The course takes four hours there and back. At the top, there is a stone sticking out from the cliff which looks like the prow of a ship, where hikers can copy the famous scene from Titanic.


  • Mt. Amamakisan


The view from the top of Mount Mitoya is said to be Mashiko`s finest. You can see the mountains of Nikko from there. Around an hour`s walk from the car park.


  • Mt.Mitsudoyasan


This hiking course connects Saimyoji temple to Mashiko Forest. The fallen leaves on the path make for a pleasant walk, while the summit is covered with a variety of different trees.


  • Mt.Tkadateyama